Universal Timber Services efforts to provide exceptional  service is motivated by our desire to see our clients exceed all their goals. UTS’s objective is to develop long-term relationships with clients based on superior performance.

Responsible Environmental Practices
Our management efforts support ethical environmental stewardship. UTS has succesfully managed thousands of acres to SFI standards.  Whether our clients manage to Best Management Practices (BMP) guidelines or certified forest programs, our management aims to grow healthy forests responsibly.

Pro-Active Management
Always seeking the most effective ways to manage forests, we strive to be on the cutting edge of silviculture, timber marketing, technology, and all aspects of managing forest resources. Having the pulse of the industry puts UTS in position to support our customer’s silviculture and economic goals and, at the same time, to capitalize on opportunities before they pass by.

Timber Sales
Industry relationships and connections with mills enable UTS to maximize cash flow through intensive understanding and management of all aspects of the timber supply chain, from the stump to the mill. Developed and implemented techniques and processes that maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness for marketing, merchandizing and harvesting timber, combined with established delivered wood markets throughout the South, allow for best timber pricing.

Acquisitions & Dispositions
Whether looking to expand or downsize your timberland asset, success in supporting opportunities across the US South of acquiring or selling forestland at opportunistic prices have been achieved for clients. Specializing on southern timberland packages ranging from 100 to over 1,000,000 acres in size, attention to details has led to many successes.