Emerging Business Support

The exposure that UTS has across the industry allows us to provide unique insights to companies that hope to start new forest product businesses.  Examples include:

Loaded_PulpwoodSupply Agreements:  Facilities or suppliers looking to either procure or supply forest products should contact UTS, as we have multi-year experience in developing, managing and executing supply arrangements in the form of short and long term supply agreements and timber and timberland acquisitions, among other options that support supply.



Mill Restarts: UTS has successfully supported in due diligence data, wood procurement, return-on-investment expectations and staffing support for a major sawmill restart in Arkansas – Caddo River Forest Products, LLC.




Wood to Energy:  UTS helps companies locate wood to energy facilities in optimal locations by providing insight to the wood resource supply, demand and competition around target areas. Our specific knowledge of a wide range of local market dynamics and supply chain links (including freight and port logistics) will help you get set up for success.



Log Exports:  UTS has successfully managed the log export supply chain from the stump to ports in several countries, including China, India, Turkey and Vietnam.  Whether in containers or breakbulk, we can help!