Harvesting & Marketing

As active forestry professionals, the UTS team participates in the timber market on a regular basis and understands every segment of the current wood supply chain. We provide our clients with the optimum up-to-date timber values by integrating the cost components of the various harvesting systems with the latest in localized mill demands. We pride ourselves on merchandising every stem to its maximum potential to provide our clients their best possible return on investment.

Beyond a strong knowledge of markets, processes and regulations,  UTS also has relationships with trustworthy and dependable professional contractors. In addition, we help clients understand the aesthetic and environmental impacts of harvesting activities and to plan for the long-term future of the land that is being harvested.

“Research has shown that landowners who enlist the assistance of a consulting forester receive a 23% higher return on their harvest and are more satisfied with the quality of the harvest. It is estimated that land is 120% more productive after a harvest conducted under the guidance of a qualified resource professional.” A Landowner’s Guide to Forestry in North Carolina